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Andrew Miller traded to Boston

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The Andrew Miller experiment is over; the Marlins traded him to the Boston Red Sox last night.

The Marlins on Friday night dealt the 25-year-old to the Red Sox for 26-year-old lefty reliever Dustin Richardson.

In return the Marlins acquired the services of Dustin Richardson.  Richardson made his major league debut in 2009 at the age of 25.  He has appeared in a total of 29 games.  Last season's numbers, where he recorded his most outings, went like this: he had an ERA of 4.15, H/9 of 9.9, HR/9 of 1.1, K/9 of 6.6 and BB/9 of 8.3.  In other words, he walks more than he strikes out.

In case you were hoping he is a LOOGY, think again.  His splits against lefties thus far is the following: .360/.529/.600.  That ain't good.

But maybe the Marlins can do something with him.

Andrew Miller is out of options, so the Marlins had to trade him or get nothing back in return once he hit the waiver wire.  And believe me, he was going to hit the waiver wire eventually next season.  BGA is loaded with talent, but sadly, all we saw were rare flashes of it.  It is for the best that Miller gets a change of scenery and maybe the Red Sox can figure out what to do with him.  The Marlins sure couldn't.  Naturally we wish Andrew all the best and hopefully he will reach his potential one day.  He is too good a guy not to root for.