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Dan Uggla wants to remain a Marlin

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Dan Uggla wanted to set the record straight and let everyone know that he wants to remain with the Marlins.

(Via Joe Capozzi)

"There is one thing that I want to get straight,' he said Thursday night in a conference call with reporters after he won the Silver Slugger Award as the top-hitting National League second baseman.

"I just want everybody to hear it from me: I want to stay in Florida. This has been a negotiation. This is what happens in negotiations - you turn down deals and counter-deal.

"My team, we are still wanting to negotiate. It has been the Marlins' choice to stop negotiations. My career has been in Florida. I want to stay in Florida. I want everybody to hear that from me. They have chose to stop negotiations, but me and my team are still open to negotiate and try and get something done.'

It is good to hear he would like to remain in a Marlins uniform, because at the beginning of the negotiations it didn't come across that way in the press.  Now, whether he will be in one remains to be seen.  It is not surprising the Marlins front office has stopped to regroup after making him what in their minds was a very fair offer.  (And it was.)  Danny is looking for a fifth year and the Marlins need to juggle that along with trying to sign Ricky Nolasco to a long term contract.

Should the Marlins offer Danny the fifth year that Team Uggla wants, it will probably be the most backend contract in history.  In doing so it would allow the front office some flexibility with the payroll in the short-term and if need be, they could avoid the big payday years by trading the second baseman.  While it is true, trading partners would be limited to just a few teams in the latter years of the contract.  However, if Danny continues to put up consistent numbers, which he may well do, one of the big money clubs will take him.  Might not get much back in return, but getting something back in return wouldn't be the front office's priority, unloading the salary would be the first concern.

The one thing the Marlins have going for them is Danny wants to play second base and Team Uggla has to know that the only team who will guarantee him that position in the field is the Marlins.  So there is still some negotiation room.

This is probably going to take a little while before it all unfolds.