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Cameron Maybin - Hometown Hero

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Cameron Maybin was a big hit in his hometown of Asheville, NC.

Over and over, a scene kept repeating itself during WNC Fall Baseball's field day at Ray L. Kisiah Park on Oct. 24.

A father figure would kneel down beside his young baseball player and say, "Look right over there; it's Cameron Maybin! Go get him to sign your hat (or card or baseball)."

With eyes sparkling as if it was Christmas morning, the aspiring big leaguer joined the others eagerly waiting to meet the real live Major League Baseball player.


A flock of awestruck youth shadowed every step Maybin took, as the former Roberson High standout signed anything put in front of him.


 By all accounts, Maybin is a very nice and cordial young man.  I was going to go into his hitting, but this isn't the time or the place to do it.  There will be plenty of opportunities for that in the offseason.  So for now, it is really cool that youngsters are flocking around him, hoping one day to wear a Major League uniform.

There is a lot to be said for being a hero in your hometown, if only for a short time, most never achieve that.