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Logan Morrison and Family, Part V

Logan Morrison's dad is hanging in there but isn't catching many breaks lately.

Adam Spunberg does his usual good job with the article.

Tom Morrison was supposed to watch Logan close out the season in person, but a blood clot restricted him from making the trip to Miami. 

 LoMo will be rejoining his family fairly soon and I must say, even if invited, I won't be joining them for Thanksgiving.

With the season over, the Morrisons have turned their attentions to the offseason. Logan will be joining them soon in Louisiana, where Tom has a few special things planned.

"I'm going to order some wild game and do something different for Thanksgiving this year," Tom said.

While I'm sure time spent with the Morrisons would be a very cherished experience, starving to death doesn't interest me.  For you see, I once went to a friends house for dinner consisting of "wild game" and it tasted like crap and that's putting it nicely.  So I asked where he got it and he replied (and I'm not joking): "I found it on the side of the road.  I guess some car ran over it."  Not doing that again.  I'm sure the Morrisons won't be ordering road kill, but you never know how the supplier came across it.  Despite my phobia, I have no doubt it will be a delicious meal.  (Aside: if a guy named Bill is selling it to you, email me and I will give you his last name just to be sure.)

Also in the article Tom gives his picks for the Division Series.  Give it a look see.

I think he is going to finish 2-2, but I have been wrong before.