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Marlins managerial candidates

The Marlins have started the interview process to possibly find a new manager.

Joe Frisaro has the story.

The search for the Marlins new manager will take about two weeks.


In contention for the job are Bobby Valentine, Jim Fregosi, Bo Porter and Tony Pena. Other names that have been reported are Ted Simmons and Tim Wallach.

Edwin Rodriguez, who replaced Fredi Gonzalez on June 23, remains a candidate. But it appears he isn't a frontrunner.

Bo Potter was interviewed yesterday, however he is also in the running for the new Pirates manager.

We can debate back and forth who would be the best for the position, and if you want to do so, please do. But who is chosen will be the one that Loria wants. Hopefully the baseball people will have some input in the process, but sadly, that isn't guaranteed.

Personally, I would just give the job to Edwin. It's not that the others couldn't or wouldn't be better but Edwin knows how the Marlins front office works. And I'm guessing for some of the others it will be like jumping into cold water on a hot day - a complete shock.

Anyway, we should know soon. But with keeping the traditions of baseball, we probably won't hear who was chosen until after the World Series.