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Marlins make room on 40-Man Roster

The Marlins cleared out some spots on the 40-man roster.  They do this every year in case they make moves in the Winter Meetings or are active in the Rule 5 draft by either selecting players or they have a bunch to protect.  My guess is that they will be protecting several while looking for bullpen help and a everyday catcher.

Here are the transactions.

The Marlins opened up several 40-man roster spots Wednesday. They outrighted catcher Mike Rivera, infielder Hector Luna, right-hander Tim Wood, left-hander Taylor Tankersley and outfielder Brett Carroll to Triple-A New Orleans. In addition, the Texas Rangers claimed right-hander Ryan Tucker off waivers.

None are a surprise but I must say this, if you are a fan of Brett Carroll, and I am, the Marlins don't see him fitting into the Marlins future plans.  He will either be included as a throw-in in a trade or left in the minors as an insurance policy until when he is no longer considered necessary in that role.

Kind of a shame really.  He had some good moments when he got steady playing time in the majors, but time marches on.

Losing Ryan Tucker to the Rangers isn't a big blow, other than when he was drafted he held so much promise.  Maybe the Rangers can work with him and turn him into a middle reliever.  I hope they can.

Clearing six spots on the 40-man isn't that unusual, though, while I really haven't had the time to research it, I think it may be a slot or two more than the last couple of years.  Could be wrong about that.