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Hanley Ramirez not to play Winter Ball

Fortunately Hanley Ramirez is not going to play Winter Ball in the Dominican this season.


After playing most of the year through elbow pain, Ramirez said he plans to work with team trainers on exercises "to make my elbows better. They have a plan so next year by September it won't happen again because it has happened twice (in 2010).'

Ramirez said he hyper-extended his elbow on a swing some time in mid-season and it never got better. The right elbow started bothering him again last month.


"We're going to (add) some strength for my tendons with a lot of exercises,' he said. "We've got to try to do something to stay healthy all year long. I've got to take care of it in the off-season. I'll keep icing it and try to get it stronger.'


Given his condition, not playing winter ball and trying to get whatever is wrong stronger is a very good thing.

But I am starting to wonder if Hanley is held together by scotch tape.  Here is the list of the last four seasons of injuries he has missed time for:

2010:  Elbow, both.  Hamstring and groin.

2009: Hip flexor, hamstring twice.  Groin twice.  And shoulder tendinits.

2008: Shoulder tendinits.

2007: Shoulder surgery.

The baseball season is very long and grueling making it hard on the body and everyone hurts eventually.  And I'm not calling into question whether he was hurt or not, I know he was.  Just wondering about his durability.  There is probably a whole lot more to add, but I'm just writing this as I'm thinking about it.  May be nothing here, but then again, there maybe.  Just food for thought.