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The Final results from the CBSSPORTS Fantasy League

If you remember, FishStripes got to host a free fantasy baseball league on  And here are the final results:  FishStripes fantasy league. (I hope you can see the link.)

We weren't the exactly the most active league, but most everyone gave it a go.  I would like to thank everyone who participated.  I must say this, the CBSSPORTS forum is the best one I have played.  The data is great and overall it was a pleasure.

GameFish and I were required to play, which turned out to be a pleasure.  GameFish finished fourth which is pretty impressive seeing how she had never played fantasy baseball before.  Unfortunately, she suffered a lot of key injures.   I finished a little higher in the standings.  Whiffle ball, Da Good Da Bad D. Uggla and Totally Out Of Loop also put up excellent numbers as well.  And I think every one of them spent sometime in first place.

This was my first time to play fantasy baseball on It won't be my last.

[EDIT] This is GameFish, hacking Craig's post, since he was entirely too modest about his first-place win in the FishStripes fantasy league. In fact, he failed to even mention that he beat the snot out of all of us. Check out his team, ShipWreck, at the top of the standings. Good job, Craig!