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Ichthyomancy Crowns Champions

After 162 games, which you really would think to be enough to differentiate the competitors, Ichthyomancy ends in a tie for the second time in its history. 

This year's winners are Bumppo and LadyFish!

Both of them are repeat winners.  Bumppo won in 2008.  In LadyFish's case, this is the first year she has won under the LadyFish moniker.  However, she took the 2007 honors home under a different name.

They are the only repeat Champions of Ichthyomancy ever, which makes it even more special.

Congratulations Bumppo and LadyFish!  Well played!

To the winners: I will be contacting you soon about your prize.  And soon does not mean today, necessarily.  That could happen, but I wouldn't count on it.

I would like to thank everyone who participated this season and I would especially like to thank those of you who played the game out to end: Spud, Ocelotfox, Xquiles, Hurricane, Evermoresg and Kelsquire.

It was another great year of Ichthyomancy and what makes it special is those of you who play the game.  We look forward to the 2011 edition.

Thanks to one and all.  And if you ever need to borrow a bat, Bumppo and LadyFish have the most.