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World Series Open Thread and Ichthyomancy (Game Four)


Happy Halloween everyone!

The World Series continues on and the Rangers finally made a showing. In tonight's game the pitching match up favors the Giants, pretty big time. But that doesn't mean the Rangers can't come through with a win, it just means on paper they are going to need some breaks. As we all know, the game isn't played on paper so it is time to just sit back and see how it goes.

Game Four: Giants ( Bumgarner) at Rangers (Hunter), 8:20 p.m.

The Rangers being at home should help and will possibly be enough to offset the fact that the very young Mr. Bumgarner is further along as a pitcher than the young Mr. Hunter.

Given the late start, we could, maybe, possibly see midnight baseball.

Ichthyomancy is up and running.

Best of Luck to You!

FishStriper SF@TEX Player AAB
Kelsquire SF Posey Wilson: save
LadyFish TEX Cody Ranger caught stealing
Ocelotfox SF Bumgarner Giants pen: 0 ER
Osley Sallent
Spud SF Cantu Cody: 1+ XBH