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Trade Mike Stanton for Ozzie Guillen?

Apparently, the Marlins were maybe willing to offer up Mike Stanton to get Ozzie Guillen as manager.

According to major-league sources, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria was intent on making Guillen his next manager. Talks, sources say, progressed to the point that there was discussion of executing a trade that would send Guillen, who has a year left on his contract, to the Marlins for 20-year-old outfielder Mike Stanton, who hit 22 home runs and knocked in 59 runs in just 100 games as a rookie this season.

After Guillen met with chairman Jerry Reinsdorf late in the season and agreed to return to the Sox in 2011 -- but not getting a desired extension -- the Marlins talks died, sources say.

OMG, that is plain insane.  Why in the world would you give up such a young player with potential to get a Manager?  And especially one that is outspoken enough he would be fired within three years?  I'm really starting to worry about the Marlins front office.  Guys, it is time to go back to the doctor and get you prescription changed, because the Meds aren't working anymore.

I don't know what type of player Stanton will turn into; my projections are that he will be a low average, low OBP, but hit a bunch of home runs.  There is always a place in the majors for someone who can do that.  If he can learn to take walks, he will be all the more valuable.  And there is always the possibility he will be more than that.  But at the age of 20, while waiting on him to develop, you don't trade him for a manager.  That is asinine.