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It wasn't Logan Morrison's car

Don't know if you saw this yesterday, but the internet was all a twitter about one of Logan Morrison's tweets.  Deadspin covered the story and Walkoff  Walk followed suit.  I'm sure there were others.

They all started railing on LoMo about him claiming not to be a rich ball player and not living in a ritzy, gated community.  (Click on the two links above for their version of the story.)  It made for a good story except for one minor thing - it wasn't his car.

It turns out that the car was parked in a shared parking lot where he lives.  LoMo was just showing that his neighborhood isn't void of the same situations that could effect most of us, if we are really unlucky.  Man, I feel sorry for the guy who owned the car, that would really suck to wakeup to that.

Anyways, tells of LoMo's riches have been greatly exaggerated.  The dude didn't even get close to making the league minimum this season due to spending most of it in the minors.