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News on Ricky Nolasco's multi-year contract talks

It appears the Marlins are making progress in the hopes of signing Ricky Nolasco to a mutli-year contract.

Joe Frisaro has the story.

Nolasco's agent, Matt Sosnick, appeared on the Diamond Hoggers' Baseball Show on Thursday, and he shed some light on the contract talks.

Sosnick said the sides have agreed on the number of years, but are "about 20 percent" off on the salary. Sosnick anticipates talks to pick up again in November or December.

Mr. Frisaro goes on to speculate that it will probably be at least a three year deal.  Which makes sense, in that, a three year deal would buy out his remaining arbitration years and his first year as a free agent.  This is pretty standard, especially where pitchers are concerned.  Though I wouldn't be surprise for it to be a three years with an option or even maybe four years.  But four years might be a stretch given Ricky's history with injuries and the fact he will be returning from knee surgery.  Which shouldn't be a problem, but there is always some uncertainty involved.

With the two sides being so close in the negotiations, I would expect him to be signed before the winter meetings.  But I could be wrong about that.

Anyways, it will be good to have him locked up.