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TSN names Hanley Ramirez as All-Star Shortstop

The Sporting News once again put together their list of MLB All-Stars naming Hanley Ramirez as the NL shortstop.

Joe Frisaro has the story.

The Sporting News on Wednesday announced its MLB All-Star teams, and Ramirez was on the list as the National League shortstop.

Ramirez was the lone Marlins player on the team. Voting for The Sporting News All-Star squads was done by the players, managers and general managers. Ballots were distributed to all 30 teams, and 326 players, 24 general managers and 25 managers participated.

It is always a special honor when a player is chosen by those who are in the game.

Here is the list of the winners:

The rest of the NL All-Star team is: Brian McCann, Braves (catcher); Joey Votto, Reds (first base); Martin Prado, Braves (second base); Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals (third base); Carlos Gomez, Rockies (outfield); Matt Holliday, Cardinals (outfield); Ryan Braun, Brewers (outfield); Halladay (starting pitcher); and Heath Bell, Padres (relief pitcher).

If I had been given a ballot, I would have voted for Dan Uggla ahead of Martin Prado.  While Prado did put up the better defensive numbers, his offensive ones pale in comparison to Danny.

Also, if the truth be told, I wouldn't have voted for Hanley.  I know, sacrilege.  Even with Troy Tulowitzki playing 20 games fewer than Hanley, he had a much more impressive season than Hanley.  Your thoughts may vary on this.

Can't say much about the other winners since I really haven't researched it.

Anyways, the point of the story is that Hanley won and we congratulate him on his achievement.