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Jim Leyland and Burke Badenhop Philanthropists

The old high school of Jim Leyland and Burke Badenhop needs a baseball field and the two stepped up to the plate.

Big leaguers Jim Leyland and Burke Badenhop have given back to their old high school to help jumpstart a baseball project.

Leyland, currently the manager of the Detroit Tigers, donated $100,000 with his family. Badenhop, a pitcher for the Florida Marlins, donated $5000.

Their intent is for Perrysburg High School to eventually use that money to build a baseball field the school's been looking to build for years.

I'm guessing the field will be known as "Jim Leyland Field".  Hey, it is not Badenhop's fault he makes the league minimum and hasn't been in the game for 19 years.  But maybe they will name the home team's bullpen after him.

It was a very nice thing the Hopper did in giving back to his old school.