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Cody Ross lobbying Dan Uggla for Giants

It seems that Cody Ross is enjoying his time in San Francisco and wants Dan Uggla to join him.

Ross has been filling Dan Uggla's head with stories about how dandy it is to play for the Giants, who have explored trades for the Marlins' power-hitting infielder. In fact, Ross has tried to persuade Uggla not to sign a long-term deal with Florida before his final year of arbitration so he can sign with the Giants after the 2011 season.

Yikes!  As most of you know, Danny and Cody are best friends and it really hit Danny hard when the Marlins gave away Cody for nothing.  And naturally the two like being on the same team together.  As it turns out the Giants may have no problem with re-signing Cody to a contract.

Ross said. "I'd like to stay for my career." He'll be eligible for arbitration after making $4.45 million this year, and general manager Brian Sabean said it'll be "nothing that will break the bank" and "an affordable situation."

Should Danny forgo whatever the Marlins are offering, hopefully they won't ride out his last year of arbitration and just let him walk away.  It is about time we got something in return for productive players.  Yeah, we may have to add a minor leaguer in the deal, but at least trade him to the Giants, so we can get something back.

I sincerely hope that the Marlins and Uggla can come to a three-year agreement with an option, but if they can't, please don't just let him walk.