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Mike Stanton up for TYIB's awards

Mike Stanton has been nominated for two This Year in Baseball awards.

This Year In Baseball has nominated Stanton for top rookie, and he was involved in a play that is up for "oddity" of the year, when he crashed into a right-field wall on July 8 and the impact jarred the gate open, which caused reliever Leo Nunez to tumble out of his seat.

This is a beauty contest award, meaning it goes to whoever gets the most votes by the fans.  So your job is to help Stanton out and vote away.  As many times as possible.

Given the relative fan base sizes it might be hard for him to win the top rookie award, be we can try.  However, the "oddity" play is a possibility.  I haven't looked at the plays he is up against, but I definitely remember the play in Arizona and it was an odd one.

So go here to vote:

2010 This Year in Baseball Awards

As an added bonus, you get to vote on a whole mess of other awards also, if you want to.