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Donnie Murphy questionable for Spring Training

Donnie Murphy may not be ready for action when Spring Training begins.

Donnie Murphy might not be ready for spring training. He underwent surgery Sept. 2 to repair a dislocated right wrist, but the team wasn't sure if he'd be able to recover in time

This is not good news.  Now whether Donnie "Bleeping" Murphy has a legitimate shot at being the starting third baseman, requires a lot of questions to be answered in the offseason.  Is he healthy?  Will the Marlins be able to sign Dan Uggla to an extended contract?  How has Chris Coghlan's knee responds to rehab?  And many more.

But I think there is little doubt, if healthy, he will make the roster since he proved to be "clutch" off the bench.  Don't know how many Donnie Murphy jerseys were sold this year, but I know of two people who have one.

More on this as the offseason progresses.

(Oh, no one wants to hear about his past Major League stats.  Maybe he is a late bloomer.)