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Fish Fail to Hook Bobby Valentine. Again.

Anybody else having déjà vu?

Just a few days ago, Bobby Valentine was being touted as the front-runner for the Marlins open managerial position. Now, he isn't a runner at all. But let's be real, he probably hasn't been in the running since back in June, when his talks with the Marlins broke down the first time. After Fredi's unexpected firing had the team in the market for a new skipper, things didn't end too sweetly between Bobby and the Marlins.  

But whatever, now it's really official. Wednesday Valentine announced he has taken himself out of consideration for the job, telling ESPN he is "going in another direction." It's like hearing from your friends that your boyfriend is about to dump you, and deciding to beat him to the punch (uh... not that we'd know from personal experience or anything).

Don't worry, Bobby. Given the front office you're dealing with, "another" is precisely the direction we'd be heading in too.