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Fredi Gonzalez the new Braves manager?

Nothing is official until it is official, but there is every reason to believe that the Braves will announce that Fredi Gonzalez will be the next manager of the Braves.

Fredi Gonzalez has been hired as the Braves' new manager and will be introduced at a news conference Thursday, two people familiar with the negotiations confirmed.

Which is absolutely no surprise what so ever.  

In case you were wondering about the news blackout during the playoffs, it has a loop hole.

Major League Baseball prefers that big announcements such as this not be made during a playoff series or the World Series, but they can be made between postseason rounds.

If you were to read the whole article, or really anything else concerning this transaction, they will bring up the Hanley Ramirez dogging it play as the reason for Fredi being fired.  Which is completely wrong.  Loria wanted to fire Fredi before the the season started but was talked out of it by the baseball people.  Now, was the Hanley situation an excuse, maybe, but his days were numbered anyway.

The thing is if Loria could've have held off on firing Fredi, the Marlins would have been in a bargaining position with the Braves.  And may have even pulled off a trade for a Braves' player for the manager.  Much like Seattle did when Lou Piniella went to the Rays and the Mariners got Randy Winn in return. What am I thinking?  The Marlins couldn't even get a bag of balls in return for Cody Ross.  There is no stinking way they could put together a package for Fredi.  Never mind.

Should this happen, and it most likely will, Fredi has very big shoes to fill and I'm guessing he will do it well.  While, of course, we wish him all the best, we do reserve that wish when his team faces the Marlins.