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Bobby Valentine leading candidate for Marlins manager?

According to some of Joe Capozzi's sources, Bobby Valentine is once again the leading candidate to be the next Marlins manager.

Valentine, who managed the New York Mets in the 2000 World Series, is Florida's "leading candidate,' a person familiar with the process said Sunday.

Valentine has been in touch with the Marlins over the last two weeks, a source said, although he has not had a formal interview.


Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria wants Valentine, whom he considers a close friend and is the kind of high-profile personality who could help build interest in the team while it prepares to move into its new stadium in 2012.

But team president David Samson and others in the front office are against it because, according to sources, they're reluctant to give Valentine the power he wants in personnel decisions.

First off: I don't think anyone is going to listen to what Samson has to say. Larry Beinfest or Michael Hill, yeah, possibly. But whatever.

If Valentine didn't get enough insight into how the Marlins are ran the first time around, and he is stupid enough to think that things have changed, then welcome aboard. But be it known, he won't hold the position of Marlins manager for long. The Marlins front office likes it when the manager is a "yes" man and they don't take too kindly to someone who isn't. Valentine is not a "yes" man at this point in his life, if he ever was.

As it is with all owners Loria gets what Loria wants. What remains to be seen is if Valentine is going to buy into the fantasy that he will have independence, which he won't.

Forget all of this nonsense and just give the job to Edwin.