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NLDS Open Thread and Ichthymancy (Day Six)

The National League Divisional Series continues tonight.

The only game: Giants (Bumgarner) at Braves (Lowe), 7:37 p.m.

The Giants really want to win this game to keep their rotation in tact.  The last thing they want to do is go back home and have Lincecum pitch the fifth game and therefore making him unavailable until the 3rd game of the championship series.  The Braves care nothing about that and are going all out by bringing back Derek Lowe on three days rest.

It should be interesting, especially considering Madison Bumgarner hasn't pitched 10 days.

Ichthyomancy is strangely happy about there is only one game tonight.

Best of Luck to You!



FishStriper SF@ATL Player AAB
Hurricane SF Posey Game: triple play
Kelsquire SF Posey Heyward: 2+ H
LadyFish SF Fontenot Game: IBB+HBP+WP=2
Ocelotfox SF Bumgarner Hinske: 1+ PH
Osley Sallent SF Braves: 1 HR
Spud SF Cody Cody: OFA