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Chris Coghlan Headed to Iraq

 Chris Coghlan and several members of the Marlins organization will head to the Middle East at the end of January on a tour to meet the troops in Iraq:

After serving two tours of duty in Iraq, Marine Cpl. Kevin Coghlan returned home to Tarpon Springs, Fla., recently to congratulate his older brother for winning the National League rookie of the year award.

Marlins left fielder Chris Coghlan didn't want to hear it. In his eyes, his little brother was the star.

"I tell him you're a better man for doing what you did than I am. I don't know if I can do that," Chris Coghlan said.

Later this month, Coghlan will get a glimpse of what his brother went through. He'll join manager Fredi Gonzalez, catcher John Baker and some Marlins officials on a meet-the-troops tour of Iraq from Jan. 24-Feb. 1.

This story hit close to home for me, as I hugged my baby brother goodbye yesterday, sending him off to Iraq for the next 14 months. I'm happy to see the Marlins showing support for the troops this way, and think it's great that Chris, Bake and Fredi are on board.

I'm sure the Mermaids presence on the tour will be appreciated by the troops as well.