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Josh Johnson Sticking With Agent

First came the rumor that Josh Johnson was angry with the Marlins for offering Aroldis Chapman a 5-year deal after refusing to offer him a 4-year deal. Soon after Josh denied that rumor, another one started circulating that JJ was done with his agent, Matt Sosnick. Once again, Josh was quick to set the record straight.

Johnson is represented by Matt Sosnick. Earlier in this offseason, the Marlins and Sosnick negotiated over a multi-year deal, but the talks broke down when the Marlins reportedly did not want to guarantee a fourth year in the new contract. Executives and agents began to hear rumors this week that Johnson might change representation -- and in fact, another player that Johnson knows called him earlier this week to ask about whether this was accurate.

Absolutely not, said Johnson, who blossomed into one of the NL's best pitchers during the 2009 season. "I will probably never change agents," said Johnson. "I've known Matt for 10 years, and he has never steered me wrong. He's like an uncle to me."

Well that's a relief. Who's up for starting the next JJ rumor? I'm running out of ideas.