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Marlins Still Interested in Aroldis Chapman

According to our friend JCR, the Marlins are still in the hunt for coveted pitcher Aroldis Chapman.

The Marlins apparently are giving free agent Cuban left-hander Aroldis Chapman something to think about. According to an American League source following the situation, the Marlins are "still in the game" and are believed to have increased their initial $13 million offer in hopes of landing the hard-throwing Chapman.

Chapman told one associate he expects to sign within the next three or four days. If the Marlins do somehow lure Chapman, it probably won't be with the most lucrative deal. They're counting on Chapman's comfort level in South Florida bridging the gap.

While the Marlins may not be ready to give up hope, I also doubt they're ready to give up the kind of money it would require to actually sign this kid. I'm sure that the comfort of South Florida appeals to Chapman, but millions of extra dollars are probably far more appealing. Come on, money can buy comfort in any city. Especially in a city whose baseball team is willing to pony up lots of extra cash.

If you read the whole post, JCR goes on to tell us why it's becoming more likely that Dan Uggla will be a Marlin at the start of the season, and what that could mean for Jorge Cantu.