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Luis Ayala OK After Attempted Kidnapping

Former Marlin Luis Ayala is in the news today after gunmen attempted to kidnap the pitcher at his home in Mexico:

Relief pitcher Luis Ayala was unharmed during an apparent attempted kidnapping by gunmen at his home in the northern Mexico state of Sinaloa. 

Martin Robles, a spokesman for the state prosecutors' office, said investigators believed Ayala was the intended victim, whom police prevented from being abducted.  

Robles said gunmen in three vehicles forced their way into Ayala's home near the city of Los Mochis on Monday by shooting open the door.  

Police arrived at the scene after receiving a call to an emergency number, and soldiers dispatched to the scene apparently scared off the assailants.

Neither Ayala nor his family were hurt. He was found handcuffed at the home.  

Ayala is no longer with the Marlins, but after such a long and celebrated tenure with the team (uh, 10 games, 0-3, 11.74), I felt the need to share.

Glad he and his family are safe.