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Marlins Looking for Relievers

As brickell mentioned in a comment today, the Marlins are still searching for a few good arms. One name on their list of potential relievers makes me happy (Kiko). One makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and cry (Gregg). Your reactions may vary:

The list of free agent relievers that appeal to the Marlins might be longer than the one containing the names of those they don't particularly fancy, with John Smoltz and Joe Nelson being just two of those falling into the second category.

But the Marlins have touched base with Kevin Gregg and they're also keeping a close eye on several others, including Chan Ho Park, Seth McClung, Kiko Calero, Mike MacDougal, Derrick Turnbow and Jose Veras.

I vote Kiko (you know, in case the Marlins decide to start passing out ballots).