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Weekend Chum Bucket

Welcome to this week's Weekend Chum Bucket.  Okay, okay, it would be more accurately described as the Sunday Chum Bucket, but that aside, it is here.

Don't really know what is going on but I hear there are some pro football games taking place.  Also, I'm told that the Australian Open is still going on.  But as for anything else, I have no idea.  But we aren't only about sports here at FishStripes.  If you want to talk about a movie you have seen recently, go for it.  Or you could also bring up the opera, music in general, the latest exhibition at the museum of choice, gardening, how to rebuild a carburetor on a '65 Camaro, the benefits of wearing gloves when sanding wood from a nut bearing tree.  Really anything is fair game. But whatever you decide, remember to play nice with each other.

Have a Great Remainder of the Weekend!