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Marlins Top South Florida's Sports Stories of the Decade

In keeping with the Top Ten Theme--which is apparently a requirement for every writer and reporter once the end of the year hits--David Hyde of the Sun-Sentinel has compiled the top ten South Florida sports stories of the decade. The 2003 Marlins are his number one pick:

1. The 2003 Marlins

In the clubhouse before working out in Yankee Stadium, several Marlins watched their adopted movie, "Old School." Miguel Cabrera was nicknamed, "Blue" after the old-man character. That’s typified, to me, what a fun run this was. And what a team to write about. I went to mass with Jack McKeon, who left his cigar on a post outside and picked it up, still smoking, on the way out. I stood there in Wrigley Field when Steve Bartman was ushered by protective security guards to a holding room so irate fans couldn’t get at him. Then there was the climactic moment, Josh Beckett shutting down New York to win the World Series in Yankee Stadium. Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria then ran the bases in an empty stadium and slid head-first into home plate. For the surprise and the title, it was the sports story of our decade.

Ah, as a Fish fan, looking back is always so bittersweet [sniffle]. 

You're my boy, Blue! You're my boy.