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New Marlins Stadium Could Host NHL Winter Classic

George Richards of The Miami Herald's On Frozen Pond must have resolved to dream big in 2010. (Either that, or whatever bubbly he used to ring in the New Year had not quite made its way out of his system when he posted yesterday's blog.)

According to the Panthers sportswriter, thanks to the Marlins and their brand new stadium, there is now a sliver of hope that the NHL Winter classic could be held in Miami.

The joke around the Panthers locker room when the Winter Classic comes around is always the same: When is Florida going to get one?

It's a joke, of course, because the Winter Classic is an outdoor game. Where you going to play? Joe Robbie Stadium? On rollerblades?

Guess what kids? I think South Florida could actually get one of these outdoor games in the next decade.

And you can thank the Marlins for this even being a consideration.

Hey, it could happen. 

Perhaps more fun than the idea that the Winter Classic will ever take place in the new Marlins stadium is GR's response to some of his less visionary readers in the comments section of the blog.*

*FishStripes does not endorse the smoking of goos, or the use of any other illegal narcotic. Or making jokes about said narcotics at the expense of George Richards, whom we love. Happy New Year.