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Marlins sign Cantu, Nunez, Ross to arbitration

The Florida Marlins signed Jorge Cantu and Leo Nune to one-year contracts, but Cody Ross and the team are going to arbitration.

On Tuesday, the club came to terms with slugger Jorge Cantu and closer Leo Nunez on one-year deals. Both players now avoid an arbitration hearing.

Cantu has been one of the Marlins' most productive hitters the past two seasons. He came to terms on a one-year, $6 million contract. Nunez, the front-runner to close in 2010, reached agreement on a one-year, $2 million deal.

However, the team could not reach agreement with outfielder Cody Ross, who will have his 2010 salary determined at an arbitration hearing in St. Petersburg. Hearings are set from Feb. 1-21.

The Marlins have a standing policy that if they don't reach agreement with an arbitration-eligible player by the exchange of figures deadline, which was 1 p.m. ET on Tuesday, that they will let the issue be resolved at a hearing.

That makes Cantu the third highest paid Marlins player going into next season.  Assuming Nunez closes next season, I guess that is the price tag that is paid for those services.  If the Marlins don't have any problem with paying that amount of money to the players then I don't either.  I'm kinda always tend to the side of the labor.  If you know me, that isn't a big shock.

Cody going to arbitration really isn't that big of a blow.  Normally when the Marlins end up in arbitration with a player the number are real close and there is no need to beat up the player to try and prove the team's point.  They will just use comparative figures to try and prove their case as will Cody's agent.  The good thing is everyone doesn't have to fly to Arizona like that they did last year for Danny's hearing.

The hearing will take place sometime between Feb. 1 and Feb. 21.  As far as I know, a date isn't set.

[Update] Joe Frisaro via twitter:

Cody Ross seeks $4.45 mm while Marlins counter is $4.2