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Marlins sign Dan Uggla to $7.8 million deal

The Marlins avoided arbitration with Dan Uggla this year.

Great news for all you Dan Uggla fans — he reached an agreement with the Marlins on a one-year, $7.8 million contract. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be hitting home runs for the Marlins in 2010.

Expect the Marlins to continue shopping their slugging second baseman. But if they don’t find the right deal — they won’t just give the guy away — do expect him to be in the starting lineup on opening day.

That makes Danny the highest paid Marlins player going into next season.  Which was to be expected since you can't back end load a one-year contract.  I fully expect that Uggla will be with the Marlins for most of season and that he won't be traded before the non-waiver trade deadline, when clubs in contention are more willing to part with better pieces.  Should the Marlins be in contention at the trade deadline, he will probably finish the season with the Fish.  And the front office will try to trade him again in the offseason.