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Alfredo Amezaga ready to run

Alfredo Amezaga is cleared to start running.

Alfredo Amezaga has been cleared to start his running program.

The versatile veteran, who was not tendered an offer by the Marlins in December, is slated to work out for teams next week. After that, he will start entertaining offers.

The Marlins remain interested in Amezaga, but being a free agent, he is exploring all his possibilities.

If Alfredo is good to go, I would love to have him back.  Not only is he incredibly versatile as a utility man it would also help keep Bonifacio on the bench.  Not to mention that someone needs to lead the salsa dance warmup in the bullpen, and he is the best. The problem is that if he is good to go other clubs know about his defensive versatility and if it turns into a bidding war for his services, the Marlins will lose.  But it would be good have him back, he makes the clubhouse a more relaxed place and easily more fun and he can play almost any position.

But whatever happens, Good Luck Alfredo.