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Florida Marlins Minor League Transactions

The Florida Marlins signed a few players to a minor league contract.  Baseball America.

Florida Marlins 
RHP Chris Schroder, 2B Danny Richar, OF Jeff Pruitt

The Cubs signed Pruitt on June 15 as their 23rd-round pick, but they voided the contract shortly thereafter, making him a free agent. This is the first we've heard of him since.

Here are their stats:

Chris Schroder

Danny Richar

Jeff Pruitt

Chris Schroder is interesting in that he could be sort of useful out of the bullpen next season.  He is getting older and will turn 31 during the season.  Sometimes, not always, but sometimes older pitchers as a matter of survival will actually learn to be crafty when on the mound.  Should Schroder make an appearance for the Fish next season, he may be serviceable but probably not a lot beyond that.  But we could see him.

Oh, if you were wondering about the whereabouts of Matt Treanor.

Milwaukee Brewers 
C Matt Treanor

Good Luck Matt!