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Jeremy Hermida is day-to-day

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Jeremy Hermida left yesterday's game with an injury.

RF Jeremy Hermida left Wednesday's game after the sixth inning with a right intercostal strain. Hermida, who was 0-for-3, is listed as day-to-day.

An intercostal strain is a rib cage injury.  If you have ever had bruised ribs, or some variation there of, or god forbid an oblique strain, the results are about the same.  You can't twist and even taking deep breaths can be very taxing.  The good news about intercostal strains is that it may be really better the next day.  However, if it is not, the player usually lands on the DL in normal in times.  Of course, the Marlins aren't in normal times since if they so chose they could call up the whole forty-man roster (yes, I know we only have 39 on it).  They won't.

In the meantime look for Brett Carroll and Cameron Maybin to get some playing time, and that is something I can live with.