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Leo Nunez is the closer

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It is fully expected that Leo Nunez will be retained and be the closer next season.

Even though their closers have taken the Marlins on a bumpy roller-coaster ride this season, the team will likely be inclined to stick with Leo Nunez as their primary late-inning option in 2010.

The approximate $2 million that Nunez is expected to command in his first year of salary arbitration makes him a more affordable option than anything they are likely to find on the free-agent market.

I have no problem with this.  Oh sure, Leo puts the excitement in closing but we need to remember that this is Nunez's first season to close.  In fact he hasn't had a major league save before this season.  The 25-year old is still learning and the catchers are still learning him.  They just need to identify which pitches are working quicker.  If the fast ball ain't cutting it but the change is, throw the change.  Which closer was it who threw slow, slower, and OMG that actually made it to the plate..... thinking....Doug Jones.

While Nunez may be a work in progress, he has the stuff and he has the mental makeup to be actually good in the ninth.  Anyways, I hate training a pitcher just so he can succeed somewhere else.