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Cody Ross makes a change in walk-up music

Cody Ross decided to make a change in his walk-up song.

Cody Ross is giving some brotherly love when he comes to the plate.

The Marlins outfielder has switched up his introduction song. He's been coming to bat to Kanye West's "Amazing."

On Saturday, Ross decided to keep his musical choice within his family. Ross's brother, Oscar Ross, is the lead singer of a Denver-based rock group called -- Lords of Fuzz.

If you believe in fate, maybe the change wasn't such a good idea.


Cody Ross was plunked on the left hand in the fourth inning by a John Maine fastball, and the Marlins center fielder was immediately replaced.

The team announced Ross has a left wrist contusion. An X-ray came back negative, and he is listed as day-to-day.

I am all for supporting family, when and where you can.  However, maybe, just maybe, this wasn't the best idea.  Cody was hot, now he is injured.  Hasn't he seen the movie Bull Durham?  You never mess with a streak.