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All of the Marlins coaches are in limbo

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Every Marlins coach is up for renewal.

One of the Marlins' first decisions about the 2010 season is expected later this week with the fate of the coaching staff.

Hitting coach Jim Presley, pitching coach Mark Wiley and bench coach Carlos Tosca are signed to two-year contracts that expire when the season ends next Sunday.

Third-base coach Bo Porter, first-base coach Andy Fox, bullpen coach Steve Foster and bullpen coordinator Pierre Arsenault are on one-year deals. Last year, the Marlins announced the day before their final series of the season that the coaching staff would return.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez is signed through the 2011 season.

I fully expect that they all will be offered contracts and they should be.  While I think Bo Porter is too conservative as a third base coach when it comes to sending runners, he is doing a good job with the outfielders.  And Andy Fox is still learning how to teach infield defense, however there has been marked improvement this season.

It is a good team of coaches and they should be kept onboard.