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Fredi Gonzalez paying the price

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Fredi Gonzalez was fined for his last ejection, as with all ejections.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez was hit with a $700 fine by Major League Baseball after being thrown out of Wednesday's game for arguing balls and strikes. It marked his fourth ejection as Marlins manager.

``Every time my wife writes the check, she says `That's books for the semester,' '' said Gonzalez, whose daughter is a college freshman. ``I betcha [Braves manager Bobby Cox] has written checks worth four years of college tuition.''

Cox has been ejected 159 times, which is a major-league record.

 Wouldn't doubt that Bobby Cox has.

 I have no idea how the Marlins run the organization, but I do know this, if Fredi had been the manager of the Astros in the 90's he would have been reimbursed for the fine.  Back then the club paid the fines.  Oh sure, the original check came from the manager, coach or player, but the club covered everything.

 Whether that is true today or not, I can't say.  But I hope it is.