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BWAA announces awards for the Marlins

The annual awards by the local Baseball Writers Association of America were announced yesterday.

The Miami Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America announced its annual award winners Friday.

For the third consecutive year, Hanley Ramirez was named Team Most Valuable Player. Ramirez, who joins Jeff ConineLuis Castillo and Miguel Cabrera as two-time winners, is on the cusp of becoming the franchise's first ever batting champion.

"That means I've been helping the team all year long," Ramirez said. "I'm pretty happy with what we've done as a team."

Chris Coghlan won Rookie of the Year honors in what might be a precursor a bigger prize, the NL Rookie of the Year. Cody Ross received the Charlie Hough Good Guy award, given to the player who best fosters a positive relationship with the media. Wes Helms will take home the Jeff Conine "Mr. Marlin" Award. That goes to the player who best embodies the spirit of the game through integrity and unselfish play.

The players will receive their plaques in a pregame ceremony before Sunday's home finale.

There are no surprises here.  I guess the only thing one could think up is that Helms and Gload should have both shared recognition for the Conine award.  But that is it.  The baseball writers definitely got it right this year.