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Dan Uggla still the odd man out

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While I would like to believe that the services of Dan Uggla will be retained, I have never thought that was going to happen.

Looks as if the Marlins are leaning toward keeping Chris Coghlan in left field rather than moving him back to his original position at second base. But that doesn't necessarily mean that Dan Uggla gets to stick around. Our best guess is that the Marlins can only afford to keep one player from their arbitration-eligible trio of Uggla, Cody Ross and Jorge Cantu. And if Uggla wants to parlay all his arbitration leverage into an $8 million deal, it probably won't be him.

Chris Coghlan staying in left field is fine with me.  That said, if the club chooses to move Danny and their idea is that Bonifacio takes over as the  everyday second baseman, then I have a huge problem.

But keep in mind that this is coming from ESPN, who gets more stuff wrong than they get right.

There is another piece to this puzzle, should the Marlins pull-off some miracle finish, and we all hope they do, most of the key players will be retained.  Loria is funny that way.