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The Braves have switched gears

At least according to the Braves have finally realized that Fredi isn't available, so Carlos Tosca figures in the mix.

The Braves Show's Bill Shanks has a list of potential candidates to replace Bobby Cox as Braves' manager in 2011.


21. Carlos Tosca - Marlins' bench coach, former Braves AAA manager, former Blue Jays’ manager

Number 21 is pretty far down the list, so this is unlikely to happen.

I have absolutely no idea the details of Mr. Tosca's contract, but if I were guessing he is year-to-year.  Depending on whether Fredi wants him back or not.  That said, the Marlins would probably let him interview for the job, should the Braves ask.  But it is doubtful that they will.

And anyway, it is always good to have someone who has been there before taking over when Fredi gets tossed.