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Chum Bucket

The Marlins are taking the last off-day of the season and while we wait for the Mets to get to town, let's do a Chum Bucket.  It's not that I am expecting a lot of late night conversations, this is more of a preemptive move in case I am a little slow in getting the open thread up tomorrow.  In other words, a central place to park your picks.

In baseball results of interest, the Phillies beat the Brewers, the Padres beat the Rockies and the Cubs-Giants game is still in progress.  This is time of year you say strange things and this is one of those times: Go Cubs!

If you have anything on mind that would like to discuss or comment on, this is the place.  Chum Buckets are open threads so all subjects are welcome.  Well, almost all.  Oh, they just posted last night's celebration photo, so I will post it here.  Good Times.

Have a Great Evening!