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Another Winning Season for the Marlins

The Marlins, as of last night, secured their fifth winning season in the last seven years.  That is right, the low payroll Marlins win!  And it is time that this flash in a pan stuff, winning on luck crap stops.  But that isn't really what I won't to talk about today, that will come later when someone, and trust me it will happen, breaks out the pythagorean record and says the Marlins over achieved.  Then that rant will come.

With the Marlins securing a winning record I was curious to see the who is the Marlins manager with the most wins.  One of the reasons that brought this on was the news of Bobby Cox retiring after next season and many of Braves fans saying they should get Fredi Gonzalez to be his replacement.  While I completely understand the desire of the Braves faithful, Fredi is under contract with the Marlins until 2011.

I digress.

The manager with the most wins in Marlins history is Jack McKeon with 241 wins.

As of last night, Fredi Gonzalez stands at 237 wins.

Unless everything goes horribly wrong, Fredi will be winningest manager in the history of the franchise sometime this season.  Should it not happen this year, it will the next. 

Jack inherited a good team and made them better in 2003 going on to win the World Series.  In 2004, the year of the hurricanes, and 2005 he still retained the many of the core players from 2003.  When Fredi came along in 2007, he inherited kids.  With all of the young pitchers ending up having surgery after the abuse of 2006.  Now, I understand that a manager has very little effect on the daily machinations on the field.  In other words, you give him crap to manage, you get crappy results.  However, when you give him some really good lumps of clay and if the manager is any good, good things can happen.

But enough about that, anyways, Fredi will soon be the winningest manager in franchise history.