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Shorting Dan Uggla on a record

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Yesterday I mentioned the Dan Uggla set a Marlins record for consecutive 30 home run seasons, which he did.  But it turns out the record was also a major league record for a second basemen.

With his 30th home run Tuesday, Uggla became the first player in major league history to hit at least 30 home runs in three consecutive seasons while playing at least 100 games at second base.

Uggla, Ryne Sandberg, Alfonso Soriano and Chase Utley were the only players to accomplish the feat in two consecutive seasons entering this year.

 By the time Danny's career is over, assuming he doesn't get injured and he stays at second, he may hold every power record in the books for a second baseman.  He already holds the major league record for home runs in his first and second year playing second base.

Yes, there is a reason he has only been in the majors three complete years and been to the All-Star game twice.