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Ricky Nolasco fisherman

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It seems that Ricky Nolasco decided to spend his free time relaxing by trying deep sea fishing.

Ricky Nolasco of the Florida Marlins and his girlfriend, Amber Metsumoto, from Los Angeles, fished aboard the Get Em with captain Alan Sherman in North Biscayne Bay and offshore of Haulover Inlet. Nolasco caught a fish for the first time, a legal-sized mutton snapper, and then followed that with an Arctic bonito. Metsumoto caught kingfish, sea trout, mangrove snappers, bluerunners and barracudas.

Congrats Ricky on catching your first fish.  However, should times get hard and food becomes a necessity, I recommend you somehow convince Amber to go out to the bay to bring home dinner.  Just a thought.

Went deep sea fishing with my sister one time and she caught more fish, no matter how you scored it, weight or number, than I did.  And she spent three-quarters of the time puking over the rail.  Sure I chalked it all up to luck, that is what we males do.  But seriously, if the need arises send Amber to the bay.