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Burke Badenhop knows football

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For some reason I felt the need to work this in somewhere and this seems like a good time.

DSTRO, and who knows, one day she may let me call her Dana, gives the latest report on the Marlins fantasy football league.

Yes, we’re thick in the playoff hunt, as only 12 games remain for the Marlins in the regular season, six of which are against the team they’re chasing in the NL East, the Phillies. But to free their minds away from the pressure that lies upon them to win, they have their fantasy football league to check up on.


The two first place teams as of week two are the ones I predicted after hearing some of their draft picks – Burke Badenhop and Brian Sanches are both 4-0, but Hopper leads by points.

There is of course more info if you click on the link.

Personally, I know absolutely nothing about fantasy football.  I have played fantasy baseball on a number of occasions, which came to a grinding halt when I took over this blog.  A person has only has so much free time.

But if your are interested in seeing how the players are doing in their fantasy football league, give it a look see.