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Since the Marlins are taking the day off, we get a Chum Bucket.

There are two baseball games of note tonight: the Braves v. Mets and Giants v. D'backs.  When the night is over all teams still in contention in NL East and the wild card will have 12 games remaining.

As for the Marlins don't forget that tomorrow is a double header against the Phillies, the first game starts at 4:10 p.m.

Since all Chum Buckets are open threads feel free to discuss anything that comes to mind.  The Dolphins are on MNF chewing up the field to make tomorrow's baseball games even more interesting.  You can talk about the Dolphins here, or you can go over to The Phinsider,  I'm sure they will love to have you join in.

Whatever you decide, Have a Great Night!