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Ross Gload and Wes Helms closing in on record

Ross Gload and Wes Helms are closing in on the major league record for hits by a pinch-hitting tandem.

They have combined for 34 pinch hits, four off the major league record Ed Coleman (20) and Roy Pepper (18) set with the 1936 St. Louis Browns, according to Stats Inc.

Gload has 19 and Helms 15.

The record is doable but it isn't going to be easy.  Then again, pinch-hitting isn't easy and the Grits make it seem like it is.  With Gload's next pinch-hit he will break the Marlins record for pinch-hits in a season.

Helms is signed for next season at $950,000. Gload has a $2.6 million club option, which the Marlins will all but surely decline. They likely would want to bring back Gload, who for the first time will be eligible for free agency, at a lower price.

Considering they signed Helms last offseason to a two-year, $1.9 million deal, the Marlins could try to entice Gload to stay put with a similar multiyear offer.

It would have to be multiyear to get his interest.  But given that it is his first time at free agency he might like to test the waters, and you couldn't blame him if he did.  We will see how the club handles this, but I wouldn't mind having him back.  With him and Helms on the bench it guarantees the bench spots won't be manned by some young player who needs to playing everyday.