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Jeffrey Loria on the New Marlins Stadium

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The NYT sat down with Jeffrey Loria and asked some questions about the new stadium.  Read the whole thing and see what you think, but I will tease you with two excerpts.

When Jeffrey Loria says that the Florida Marlins’ new stadium will be a work of art, he means it literally. Loria, the owner of the Marlins, who made his money as an art dealer, is overseeing many of the details of the design of the park,...

This, as I have said in the past, scares me to death.  Mr. Loria's designs are a bit ostentatious for my taste.  To give an example:  The 1997 Marlins World Series ring.  The 2003 World Series ring which was designed by Loria.  The thing that isn't captured in the photos is the size of the rings.  The 2003 ring is hugh.  Your mileage may vary on this.

And here is the second one:

Q. Will the team have new uniforms?

A. We’re two years away, but we started working on a new look for the uniforms, new colors, something special for the new home. Teal is a color for the ’90s. You have to be cognizant of your time. The seats will be a beautiful shade of blue.

I take that to mean that Teal is dead.  But if it so 90s it should be back in style by 2012.  I would really hate it if they do away with the teal altogether and do something stupid like putting orange in its place.  It is not like there is that much teal on the uniforms right now, but there is something to be said for honoring tradition, even in a small way.

Anyway, read the article for insights on what the decor of the new stadium may be.